Adjustable Kitty Cot

Adjustable Kitty Cot™ is exactly the same as the Kitty Cot Original™ except you must switch the T fittings on the rear of the frame for 3/4″ Lasco 90 degree fittings. Then the two Lasco Snap T fittings can be snapped on the back of the frame even over the fabric. Both Snap T’s can be snapped on anywhere on the back of the frame according to your window width size. The Snap T’s holds the suction cup for the back of the Kitty Cot. Important! You need to buy the exact fittings provided in the links below. The Lasco Snap T is a 3/4″ Snap T for 3/4″ FIP – (For Iron Pipe). Below you will find the parts from Lowe’s and my instructions on how to do it.

How-to make the Original Kitty Cot into the Adjustable Kitty Cot.

No glue is used on the Kitty Cot frame by the way so taking it apart is rather easy. Sometimes a thin pair of rubber gardening gloves help you get a good grip too.

You need 2 LASCO PVC Sch 40 3/4″ 90 degree angles which replace the 3/4″ T’s on the back of the frame. Item # 23936 Model # 407007RMC

Then you need 2 LASCO PVC Sch 40 Saddle Tee’s Item # 188220 Model # 464007RMC – 3/4″ x 3/4″ x 3/4″ pipe thread.

We use no glue in the assembly of the Kitty Cot so this should be easy! Remove the ¾” T’s on the back of the frame and replace with the ¾” 90’s. It is sometimes easier to take the back of the frame apart by kind of twisting and pulling it a bit. Often a pair of light weight rubber gripping gardening gloves is good to so you can grip the pipe and parts better for disassembling the back T’s. Sometimes stronger hands are better if you need help taking it apart! Don’t forget you’ll also need to tap the new PVC 90’s back into place so they seat to the pipe properly. You can do this easily by simply banging the Kitty Cot on the floor. Then snap on the ¾” snap T’s on the back of the frame where you want them. I always put them right next to the rear 90 degree fittings and usually that was purrfect. Also the Snap T goes on a bit hard because you’re snapping it over the fabric which is over the pipe. Strong hands again help. Now insert the suction cups and you’re done. You’ll notice the suctions cups only go in so far into the back of the Snap T and that’s fine. You also may find that the Snap T might want to rotate on the pipe if you have a heavy cat but usually that’s not been a problem although if it does want to rotate you can simply squeeze a tiny bit of super glue where the 90 degree fitting and Snap T meet. Make sure the frame and Snap T are in line of course. Another way is to drill a small hole down through the Snap T into the frame and insert a small nail to act as a pin.