Our Guarantee to you is that your cat(s) will like the Kitty Cot and use it. It may take time, but we think they will. If you or your cat(s) don’t like the Kitty Cot(s) within 30 days, we’ll refund all of your MONEY no questions asked… period. All we ask is that you kindly give the Kitty Cot(s) to your best friend, a neighbor, cat lover, or simply donate the Kitty Cot(s) to your local Humane Society or Shelter (they love ’em). We refuse to have you pay the shippers by sending the Kitty Cot back to us when we know for sure there is a cat close by that will love a new bed to view the World safely and happily! We also give you a full 90 Day Warranty against manufacturing defects.